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Why networking is essential for long-term career success

It's estimated that the average person will have 4 careers over a life-time.  The permanent- pensionable- job for- life is dead we all need to face up to the possibility that we might be job hunting or career changing at some point in the future.  The best way to prepare for this almost certain eventuality  is to cultivate a strong on-line presence and a network of professional contacts before we enter the job hunting arena.

The April (2015) Issue of 'People Management' highlighted the growing trend among private businesses to cultivate relationships with potential candidates years before they actually want to hire them!  In the 1990's Daniel Goleman famously coined the phrase 'Emotional Intelligence' and provided research which showed that people who were very successful tended to have the following 5 traits:

  • Self-awareness (Intuition)
  • Being able to manage their emotions
  • Motivation
  • Empathy (Being able to read others)
  • Likeability
All of these traits are increasingly important to secure and keep the job you want.  Check out this YouTube video to find out more about emotional intelligence:


With over 70% of job vacancies being filled by internal staff and contacts of internal staff, chances are  you need to be connected to be in with a chance of getting your dream job!

Where to network?
Networking events (tweet-ups, events organised by professional bodies)

How to network?

  • Make use of the advanced filter on linked-in.  If you would love a certain position or to work for a company then find out if you know anybody in that position/workplace or does any of your contacts have a contact in that position/workplace.
  • On twitter follow businesses you would love to work for, colleagues and professionals in your line of work.  Use twitter to keep up to date with what is happening in your industry and to establish a professional image of yourself on-line.
In person:
  • Go to networking events which interest you.
  • Dress well.  As Ronnie, a colleague of mine says 'In order to be successful you must be happy in your work and look your best'.  I think that this is very sensible advice.
  • Prepare an introduction for your-self.
  • Choose your networking 'victims' wisely.  Go for singletons and groups which have an open body language and look interested in talking to new people.  Avoid closed groups which are deep in conversation.
  • Listen to others, try not to talk too much or drink too much!
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